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Privacy Policy

In this site operated by World Potential Corp. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company"), the company will handle the handling of personal information (hereinafter referred to as "personal data") from customers who use it. In addition to complying with the laws and ordinances relating to the protection of personal information, the following "Personal information protection policy" shall be subject to:When you contact us, please be sure to read the "Privacy Policy" below and agree to use it.

1. Purpose of use of personal information

1) In this site, personal information will be used for the following purposes.

  1. Conclusion of the contract concerning the sale contract of the real estate or the other party's search, the sale, the lease, the mediation, management, etc., and the provision of the service based on the contract, and the implementation of other after services.
  2. Response, contact and confirmation of customer's request and inquiry information, and other customer support.
  3. Request for information from customers, and provision of inquiries to the property providers.
  4. Information on our website or our surveys, campaigns, services and products, as well as the delivery of submissions and gifts, and confirmation of arrival status.
  5. Summary, contact and confirmation of opinions and questionnaires received from customers.

2) The information collected on this site according to the following items shall be used only within the scope described in the preceding item.

  1. The site may use cookies (cookies) or web beacons for the purpose of improving the services provided to customers and for obtaining statistical data.Information by the combination of these and the ID, password, account, and IP address used by the customer on this site shall be handled by the company as a condition of use of this site of the customer.
  2. There is a case to describe the URL with encrypted parameter (individual URL) which identifies the customer in the mail etc. of the guidance about our service which sends it to the visitor.The information collected using this individual URL shall be handled by the company as a visitor's browsing information.
  3. In addition, in this site, there is the case to collect information such as an IP address and the connection source domain from the visitor's access log.This information will be dealt with by the company for the analysis of the user trend of this site.
2. Management of personal information

Personal information acquired on this site will be managed as follows.

  1. We regularly provide education for the protection of personal information to our employees and manage the personal information of our customers strictly.
  2. We limit the number of employees who can use personal information to the minimum necessary, and store and manage it in an environment where only the system person in charge who has been set up in the equipment and the technology can access.
  3. We use SSL, an industry-standard cryptographic communication, for the Web site that needs to be secured for the transmission of data on personal information via the Internet.
  4. In addition to complying with laws and guidelines regarding the protection of personal information, we have also established internal systems in the company.
3. Provision and joint use of personal information to third parties

1) On this site, we will not provide personal information to third parties unless you agree to the following items.

  1. When the provision to a third party is permitted by law.
  2. When the company responds to a request from a public institution such as a court or police station.
  3. When it is necessary for the protection of the life, the body, and the property of the visitor and the third party, and it is difficult to obtain the agreement of the customer in an emergency.

2) "1. Purpose of use of personal Information" (1) if you need to provide your personal information to a third party, such as a contracting party or other real estate contractor, to conduct contract management and after-sales services, we shall obtain your consent.

3) In this site, when it is necessary to jointly use personal information, we shall take the necessary measures separately according to the protection of personal information.

4) In this site, the personal information of the visitor is processed in the form that it is not possible to identify the individual, and the statistical data are produced, and it is possible to offer it to the third party.

4. Outsourcing of personal information

In this site, there is the case to outsource part or all of the business which handles personal information.
In this case, the Company shall conclude the necessary contract with the contractor and perform appropriate management and supervision to the contractor.

5. Disclaimer

1) on the use of this site, the items that need to be kept from the customer are displayed.If you do not enter these items, you may not be able to use a part of the service, such as a variety of contact and guidance.

2) The customer shall be responsible for the latest and accurate personal information entrusted to the customer on this site, and the company shall have no liability whatsoever for the fact that the personal information differs from the current state.

3) You will be provided your own personal information to the counterparty of the sale contract of the real estate or the contract of lease, etc. If you provide personal information to a third party through this site or the company, the Company shall not be liable.

6. Revision of "Personal Information protection policy"

This site shall be able to revise the personal Information protection policy at any time.
In this case, the latest "personal Information protection policy" is always posted on this site, and it is handled as the customer agrees with this content.

7. Disclosure, correction and suspension of use of personal information

On this site, the disclosure, correction, suspension of use or deletion of personal information (hereinafter referred to as "suspension of use, etc.") shall be made by confirming that it is your own claim.
However, there is the case that it does not correspond to these if it falls under each of the following items.

  1. The disclosure of personal information may harm the life, body, property or other rights or interests of the customer or any third party.
  2. When the disclosure of personal information may cause a significant obstacle to the proper implementation of the company's business.
  3. The disclosure of personal information may violate other laws and regulations.
  4. When it is difficult to discontinue use of personal information when it requires a large amount of money, etc., and to take the necessary measures to protect your own rights and interests.
8. Contact Us

For inquiries regarding the handling of personal information, please contact the following office by telephone, FAX.

World potential Corp.