About us

World Potential IsThe speed and creativity in response to the new period of real estate.

WORLD POTENTIAL provides assistance to those tenants as our central business with a goal of exploring new demands of new era of real estate. As we expect there will be more and more foreign tenants in Japan, we work with those owners who own numbers of high-quality vacant aparmtents or houses in the central of Tokyo. Also our highly qualified personnel offer an incomparable service with reliability , flexibility with very personal and committed care for you.

We also provide an all-rounded consultation service. We strive to provide a luxury of solutions for the effective utilization of potentially problematic assets such as vacant and aging apartment, which can rejuvenate the current mortgage apartment.

Strengths of our company

  • With multi-language service (which include six languages), a barrier free environment is created for saving your time and effort.
  • Our professionals are mostly women, which can provide you with a more caring and competent service.
  • Using great expertise in real estate business to develop new business, proactively to deal with demands from the new world.

Why everyone favourite World Potential

Neat and dazzling environment

High quality and comfortable room, neat and elegant environment is provided. Every items and facilities we provided are completely brand-new.

Fluent in 6 different languages, our team is tailored to serve any foreigners.

To greet travelers from around the world, our professionals, which are expert in foreigner customer service, are familiar with different local condition and customs.

Located in the prime location

"All our rooms are located in downtwon, which are easily accessible by public transport.
Situated in the shopping district, which is convenient for replenishing daily necessities."

Well-appointed! Welcome to stay in without preperation.

Nothing needed to be prepared while moving in.

high-speed wifi connection

Our rooms are all equipped with high-speed wifi connection.

Professionals advices are provided by expert in exotic culture

Manners and exotic culture of Japan, assistances and suggestions are introduced by expert in exotic culture.